Situated at the foot of the Rincon Mountains on the eastern edge of Tucson, the Arizona Senior Academy (ASA) was established to insure that active engagement with civic life, intellectual stimulation and cultural enrichment could continue throughout our (un-) retirement.

Our weekly concerts feature world-class musicians, while twice-weekly lectures keep us current on the widest possible range of topics. The Academy also encourages individual and group outreach efforts allowing us to share our time and talents for the greater good. The Academy is supported by the residents of  The Academy Village, an active adult community; and from donations from the public.  To learn more about Academy Village, click here.

For a sampling of past ASA events, click here.

The Rest of the ASA Story

Through its own resources and as an affiliate of the University of Arizona, the ASA:

    • Brings together retired professionals in an intellectual setting to stimulate and foster their continued productivity and creativity
    • Provides those retirees with opportunities to pursue their interests and to contribute to the betterment of society
    • Provides classes, lectures, concerts, and cultural programs of all kinds, some of which draw on the talents and interests of its members
    • Provides a health care program for ASA members and others through its support organization, The Academy Services Corporation
    • Sponsors charitable, educational, scholarly, cultural, scientific, literary, and artistic activities, digitally,  for the benefit of the general public
    • Serves as an educational and cultural resource for all of Southeast Tucson
    • Promotes better understanding of and constructive solutions to issues and problems affecting seniors and other public policy issues

For more specific information about our organization, please also see the links below: