From Broadway and Houghton*, continue east on Broadway to Freeman Road (about 1-1/2 miles). Turn right onto Freeman Road. Continue traveling south until it dead ends at Old Spanish Trail. Turn left onto Old Spanish Trail and go 6.0 miles further east.
You will see a sign for Altura/Academy Village coming into view on your left, and then the AV driveway (Rainwater Lane) also on your left. 
As you are driving in, you will see the Community Center and the ASA building in front of you on the left. There is handicapped parking in front of the building. For others, please follow the signs to park at the back of the building.
* Alternatively, from Broadway and Houghton: go south on Houghton to Escalante. Make a left onto Escalante and follow it to Old Spanish Trail. Make a right onto Old Spanish Trail and go about 5.3 miles to Academy Village on your left (as above).
From the University, go south on Campbell/Kino; east on Aviation Blvd/Golf Links to Houghton; right (south) on Houghton; and then follow the last set of directions above.