Just as important as what we take from our events and activities is what we give back. ASA members contribute across Tucson at dozens of places in dozens of ways, aided by the networks that we and our members create.

Service to others has been a longstanding mission of the Academy, going back to the days when the ASA Articles of Incorporation were first drafted. Over the decade-plus since, our members have used their energy and talents to help those in the larger community. These include:

For the General Public

Digitized Presentations: At the beginning of the pandemic, the ASA made a concerted effort to ensure that lectures, concerts and other presentations would continue to be available to the general public.  They are as follows:

• Live Zoom recordings of the initial presentations made available to the general public.
• MP.4 recordings of lectures made available on the ASA Website. Click here
• Videotapes of musical concerts made available to the general public on the ASA Website. Click here

Organizations: Members also share their skills with dozens of organizations in and around Tucson involved with arts, music, philanthropy, as well as civic and business leadership.

Vail and Tucson Public Schools: A large part of our public service has been invested in the Vail Public Schools District (VUSD), an award-winning suburban school district that includes the region around the Academy Village. For the VUSD, and also in nearby Tucson Unified (TUSD), members of the ASA have mentored students and faculty at many levels from individual coaching to consulting on design of enrichment programs to serving as judges at science fairs and appearing as classroom speakers.

University of Arizona: Our long-standing and rich involvement with the U of A includes:

• Many concerts and lectures are provided by faculty and students at the U of A School of Music, as well as other faculty
• Some members have faculty positions and fellowships in positions from departments that range from Astronomy to Engineering to Physics and Psychology as well as graduate programs in Business and Medicine.

A Few of ourProjects

Book Share:
Read here about our fascinating  and rewarding reading activity with the Vail Public schools. 

The Vail Chorale:
Although the pandemic has reduced the number of concerts by the Vale Choral, it is awaiting a time that they can again bring their wonderful voices together to the delight of  audiences in the Vail area. Read here.

Public Service