smartwayThe non-profit ASA exists to support lifelong engagement with extended learning, creativity and public service for adults in or near retirement. We are located in the Academy Village/Altura active adult community in the Rincon Valley of eastern Tucson. Founded by a former UA president, our affiliation with the University of Arizona downtown helps the ASA provide a rich year-round menu of public concerts and lectures. Each week we enjoy a range of talented artists, experts and scholars, including faculty guests sharing encores and previews of headline events. This has made ASA an audience magnet for much of eastern Tucson and beyond.

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To our Members and Friends:

For the general public and with the cooperation of our presenters, our programs are available on a “virtual” basis with concerts presented on YouTube, and lectures delivered via Zoom Webinars and later on videos accessible from this website. The concerts, lectures and classes are available, live, in the ASA auditorium for our ASA members.                                                      

ASA LECTURE UPDATE:  New Lectures from the Arizona Senior Academy

 As in the past, our programs will be free and open to the public through the internet, with previews posted on this website (Event Schedule).  (Directions for using Zoom can be obtained by accessing the Zoom website and/or found on YouTube.  A Zoom account is NOT required to watch Zoom Webinars.) Lectures presented in the ASA auditorium are available, live, for ASA members.

VIDEOS OF THE WEBINARS: Some of the Webinars will be available 10 days after each presentation. Please click on this page for information on the available videos and how to access them.

Please click this link to join the webinars described below:  PASSWORD: 85747


Steve Renzi

Wednesday, September 22

“Technology That Won the West”

Steve Renzi

2:30pm – 3:30pm, an ASA Zoom Webinar

Writer and historian Steve Renzi will speak about three key technologies that made European-American settlement of the Arizona Territory and the rest of the West possible: the windmill, barbed wire, and the railroad. Read More…


Michael Brescia

Monday, September 27

“What Really Happened at the Alamo”

Michael Brescia

2:30pm – 4:30pm,

an ASA Zoom Webinar

Dr. Michael Brescia returns to ASA with a double-length lecture (with intermission) on the historical and cultural background of the battle at the Alamo and the successful effort of Texas to secede from Mexico, in the context of the present controversy currently raging in Texas over its “true” history.  Read More . . .



Live concerts are now available for ASA members in the ASA Auditorium. The Arizona Senior Academy continues to make recorded concerts available for the general public as well as ASA members via our VIDEO CONCERTS.  These videos will remain available to view at your convenience unless otherwise indicated on the page. Below is the currently featured video. 


“Gabriel Ayala Live at ASA” – posted 9/8/2021


Gabriel Ayala brings his unique fusion of Jazz, flamenco and classical styles to the guitar. A member of the Yaqui people of Southern Arizona, he brings a personal message with his performances:  “Love Your Children, Honor Your Elders, Respect Your Women.” His career has taken him across the nation and the world, with performances at the National Museum for the American Indian, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and internationally in Canada, South America and Europe. In this video, Gabriel shares how pandemic lockdown shaped new musical compositions, and shares his joy in being able to bring the healing power of music to his audiences.

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 Postal Address: 13715 E. Langtry Lane, Tucson, AZ 85747


The ASA is supported solely by membership dues from Villager residents and tax deductible donations from fans, families and friends. All contributions welcome with thanks!

Samples of past events: Classical cello and piano by Sanda Schuldmann and Harry Clark; concert from Vail Chorale led by Academy member, Fritz Reinagel; lectures on topics in science and art; ASA concert by steel drum band from Empire High; concert by Ronstadt Generations; pre-season Downton Abbey preview at ASA via PBS and KUAT


The non-profit Arizona Senior Academy was conceived by former UA president Henry Koffler before any homes were built in our community. Then and now, the ASA mission has been to support extended learning, creative engagement, mentoring and public service over the entire span of retirement.

The lectures and concerts each week are open to the public and cover a wide range of content from science and technology to health, humanities and creative arts. This diversity also complements the aims of those who are not yet fully retired but wish to explore new interests or prepare for “encore” careers.

Our village is an over-55 community and all residents become full dues-paying Academy members at age 60, providing support for the ASA. In addition to the concerts and lectures each week, the resident members have a number of amenities available to them. For example, the ASA support organization, Academy Services Corporation, runs the Academy Health Care Program that supports the Academy Villas, an assisted living residence.

Many supporters from east Tucson and nearby Vail who attend our public events also make contributions to the ASA as “Friends” and “Fans” of the Academy. From time to time, our members and friends also make direct donations to sponsor the appearance of an artist or expert of special interest.

This mosaic depicts a sampler of past events, including a concert by the Vail Chorale founded and led by an Academy member, plus an early preview of the the final season of Downton Abbey which was co-hosted by ASA and our local PBS station KUAT.

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Lifelong Learning

Expert speakers on topics from current events to ancient history, and everything in between plus frequent updates from UA scientists making headlines.
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Public Service

ASA members are encouraged to stay active and use their experience and energy to help the community at large.
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About ASA

Our members have different backgrounds, but share a commitment to making retirement a time of cultural enrichment and intellectual stimulation.
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