ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION of ASA through the Arizona Corporation Commission, signed 1993. please click here to view.

ASA BYLAWS: The By-Laws describe the purposes of the ASA as a 501(c)(3) corporation. It also focusses on the powers, members, etc. of the Board of Directors, the work and authority of the Officers of the Corporation and its committees. The Arizona Senior Academy By-Laws were updated in 2015.  Please Click here

REA: Restated in 2016The REA provides an agreement on the rights and responsibilities of multiple owners of real property.  In Academy Village, there are three block owners of property, and some common space.  The block owners are the Home Owners Association, the Arizona Senior Academy, and the Academy Services Corporation. Please Click here

ASA DUES POLICY: This policy, developed in 2015, relates to the Dues for the Arizona Senior Academy. Click here

ASA 2021 990: This is the tax return for the 2021 tax year. Click here


RECENT BOARD MINUTES (click to open)

ASA Board Minutes 2:23:21

ASA Board Minutes10.6.21

ASA Board Minutes 3.8.22

ASA Board Minutes 6.15.22