The following lecture videos were initially presented by the Arizona Senior Academy as webinars.  The presenters have agreed to include their webinar presentations as videos on this list. The videos have been placed on this page 10 days or more following the initial presentation.


September 24. Angie McBride: “Change a Child’s Story”

Angie McBride is a recruiter for Court Appointed Special Advocates(CASA) of Pima County, a volunteer based program with a mission to advocate for neglected and abused children. She describes problems of child neglect and abuse, and how CASA advocates for their best interests in Court. Click here

September 30, 2020. Thomas Travis: “Missiles, Flood, Wind, Lava and. . .”

In the Spring of 1918, Tom Travis, an AV resident, was asked to come to Hawaii tolled the Emergency Management operations. He immediately confronted the Kilauea eruption on the Island of Hawaii.  These and other calamities confronted him for the next two years. Travis will describe the natural disasters that confront the Hawaiian Islands, and how they have been and could be better dealt with. Click here  

September 9, 2020. Jim Kolbe: “Election 2020: What if?”
Former U.S. Congressman, Jim Kolbe presents information and addresses such issues as voting requirements/logistics, Electoral College complications, and the specter of challenges to the election results. Click here to see the video.

September 2, 2020. William D. Martz, M.D.: “Unique Aspects of Covid-19 that Apply to Seniors”

Dr. Martz is a board certified family practitioner who has practiced in many settings including nursing homes.  He describes the particular symptoms, dangers, and disease properties that especially affect seniors. Click here

August 26, 2020. Michael Chriss: “Mutiny on the Bounty”
The “Mutiny on the Bounty” has been written about voluminously and filmed 4 times in one decade.  Michael Chriss, resident and retired Professor of Astronomy, talks about the nature of astronomy in the later decades of the 18th century, and how it affected the outcome of this wonderful book. Click here  

August 19, 2020. David Yetman: “The Largest & Tallest Cacti”
David Yetman in an Emmy-winning host of In the Americas with David Yetman on PBS, and University of Arizona professor. His talk focuses on the iconic Saguaro in the Southwestern US and several other places in Latin America. Click here to see his presentation.

August 12, 2020. Albrecht Classen: “”Wisdom from the Past as Wisdom for our Future: Medieval Fable Literature as a Key to Enlightenment”
Dr. Classen is a University Distinguished Professor of German Studies at the U of A. This talk focuses on a 14th Century poet and how he used plain language to address the evils of his contemporary world in stories relevant to our world. Click here

August 5, 2020. Chuck Wesselhoft: “Water Rights and Usage”
Water is the subject of this talk. It is a precious resource, worldwide, but particularly here in the Southwest.  Chuck Wesselthoft, a lawyer, represented Pima County’s wastewater management department and specialized in environmental issues. Click here for the presentation.

July 7, 2020. Jay Rosenblatt: “The String Quartets of Beethoven”

Jay Rosenblatt, an Associate Professor of Music at the U of A, will discuss the forms and techniques of the Classical style that Beethoven inherited, as well as the changes Beethoven brought to the music of this time. Click here.


July 15, 2020: Randolph Nesse: “Good Reasons for Bad Feelings”
Randolf Nesse, a physician/scientist who is well-known for creating the field of evolutionary medicine, discusses the following question: Why did natural selection leave us all so vulnerable to so many diseases and so much emotional suffering? Click here


July 8, 2020: William A. Sprigg: “”Valley Fever Research”
Forecasting windblown dust has led to forecasting Valley fever fungus. Highly honored in his long career, UA Professor Emeritus William Sprigg, suggests the need for several traditionally separated disciplines to understand the nature of Valley Fever. Click here  


July 1, 2020. Marilyn Skinner: “Babies in the Well: The ‘Agora Bone Well’ and the Ancient Greek Infant”
Marilyn Skinner is a Professor Emerita in the U of A Dept. of Religious Studies and Classics. In this talk, she explores the disturbing 1937 Archaeological finding of hundreds of infant skeletons in an old well near an ancient marketplace. Human sacrifice, plague or. . .Click here

June 25, 2020. David Fitzsimmons: “Where a Cartoonist Draws the Line in 2020”
David Fitzsimmons is an internationally syndicated editorial cartoonist and weekly columnist for The Arizona Daily Star. He talks about his work–how he approaches it, what he focuses on, and how it is received. Click here


June 18, 2020. Michael Chriss: “How Fast Are You Going When You Are Standing Still?”
Michael Chriss, resident and retired Professor of Astronomy and Humanities, examines a question seldom asked and not at all apparent in real life–“How fast are you going when you are standing still?” Click here


June 17, 2020. Joanne Birdwhistell: “Hinduism and its Foundations”

Joanne Birdwhistell, an Academy Village resident and  Professor Emerita of Philosophy and Asian Civilization, provides an overview of Hinduism–its fundamental religious and philosophical beliefs, historical development, and several of its primary textual sources. Click here

May 28, 2020: Joanne Birdwhistell: “Buddhism and its Global Reach”

Buddhism has been able to have a global reach because its core teachings do not focus on specific social practices, but on the nature of human existence. Dr. Birdwhistell will provide an overview of Buddhism, its fundamental beliefs, historical development and contributions to cultures and societies in Asia and elsewhere. Click here

May 20, 2020. Ethan Finch: “Saguaro National Park East: a History and Ecology
Ethan Finch graduated this year from the University of Arizona with a BA in Natural Resources.  He has worked in a number of parks as well as the NPS.  His talk focusses on the Park’s namesake species, the Saguaro. Click here

May 5, 2020. Joe Tully: “Estate Planning and Health Care Directives”
This was the first Covid-19 webinar sponsored by the Arizona Senior Academy. Joe Tully, a resident and lawyer, whose field is Estate Planning, focusses on the topics of Powers of Attorney for Health Care–the Basics and Beyond. Click here