Bob Foucault

Bob Foucault, Filmmaker and Academy Village Resident

Wednesday, February 15, 2023,

7:00pm – 8:30pm,

ASA Koffler Great Room & Zoom





Film Poster Photo: Travis Novitsky

Since moving to this part of Arizona, we have all gazed up often in wonder, struck by the clarity and beauty of the starscape present even to the naked eye. “Northern Nights, Starry Skies” is a documentary film that celebrates the value of preserving the night sky. The film explores indigenous stories and knowledge of the night sky, how we are losing the dark because of excessive and inefficient use of outdoor lighting, the establishment of Dark Sky Sanctuaries in Northern Minnesota and Canada, and how each of us can save the night sky. Come to learn more about the splendor that greets us every night!



With a photo-journalism education, Bob Foucault began a career in film and video production in 1980. After several years of working for a production company based in Minneapolis and then as a freelancer, he started his own company—Aurora Pictures. They produced corporate communication as well as educational programming for over 30 years. Bob adds that he has always been interested in, and involved with, making programs about our natural environment and how humans interact with it. He is also fascinated by astronomy and is beginning to explore night photography and astrophotography. Presently he is in the research stage of a documentary about indigenous star knowledge in the Southwest.

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Edited by Marilyn Skinner, Academy Village Volunteer

FEB 15: “Northern Nights, Starry Skies”