Katherine E. Barnett

Katherine E. Barnett: University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law

“Postphoned” Wednesday Lecture, March 20, 2024



Aging Americans, especially low-income medicaid recipients, have increasing concerns about the care they might receive in a nursing home if that should become necessary.  Nursing home residents themselves increasingly want nursing homes to answer for alleged negligence and wrongful deaths as a result of Covid and under-staffing in home facilities.

Katherine will explain the growth of litigation over the last several decades and the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County v. Talevski which affirmed nursing resident rights under the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act to bring federal court claims against Medicaid-funded nursing homes when they cause harm to their residents in violation of the Act’s care requirements.  She will also explain how regulators and caregivers must consider counteractive measures to improve long-term care quality and remedy the circumstances that give rise to the need for nursing-home litigation in the first place.

Katherine E. Barnett is a 2024 J.D. Candidate at the James E. Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona. She is an Arizona Society of Healthcare Attorneys Scholar, and she has earned a Graduate Certificate in Health Law with an emphasis in Aging Law and Policy. Katherine has also been a Senior Writing Fellow with the law school’s Writing Program and serves on Arizona Law Review’s editorial board as a Managing Editor. Her student Note, “Examining Talevski: Preserving Justice for Nursing Home Residents, “was published in Arizona Law Review’s Winter 2023 edition.

Compiled and edited by Rosemary Brown, Academy Village Volunteer

Mar. 20: “Preserving Justice for Nursing Home Residents”