Teodora G. Georgieva

Teodora G. Georgieva, PhD:  Director, GEMM Core

Wednesday, January 10, 2024,

2:30pm-3:30 pm,

ASA Koffler Great Room  and zoom


Gene editing

Dr. Georgieva is ready to help us understand how Crispr, a game-changing genetic engineering technique, has a range of real-world relevance including curing genetic diseases, developing new drugs and therapies, and impacting crop yields and durability.

CRISPR technique is a powerful tool for gene and genome edit.  It has been discovered as a part of bacteria’s adaptive immunity, and it did not take long for the research community to recognize its unlimited applications.  CRISPR works in almost every organism: plants, small and large animals, and humans.


Molecular biology has always been her passion and strength and launching her career with the Genetically Engineered Mouse Models Core back in 2007 allowed her to truly develop her molecular genetics skills and to work in a very relevant medical research field.  She believes she is well qualified to provide state-of-the-art mouse gene modeling by offering designs on nearly any type of genetic modification desired, using all possible genetic engineering techniques: transgenesis, gene targeting, and the latest cutting-edge technique of CRISPR/Cas9.

Compiled and edited by Rosemary Brown, ASA volunteer

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Jan. 10: “CRISPR: A Game-changing Genetic Engineering Technique”