ASA member Fred Reinagel conducts the Vail Chorale

Upon retiring to the Tucson area, Academy Village resident and ASA member Fred Reinagel noticed there was no community chorus in the southeast sector of metropolitan Tucson. In the interest of perpetuating the American (and, originally, European) tradition of community choral singing, Fred wanted to fill that gap by creating a non-professional, all-volunteer organization.  Thus arose the concept of The Vail Chorale.

Fred had organized and directed choirs and choruses for most of his adult life, and he wanted to create one here that would welcome all age groups, including high school students. With that in mind, he called for volunteers and arranged for dual sponsorship from the ASA and the Vail School District. It was serendipitous that the Superintendent of the District also serves on the ASA Board of Directors.

The District has provided rehearsal and performance venues, waiving the customary usage fees.  For its part, the ASA has provided venues for special workshop sessions, social events, and concert performances.  Additional support from the ASA consists of duplication services, publicity from the Academy Village Press Corps, and the waiving of concert performance fees.

The Vail Chorale is a non-auditioned community chorus open to singers from high school age to adults of all ages. Members come from varied musical backgrounds and skill levels, enjoying the camaraderie and joy of singing in four-part harmony. For more information, go to the Chorale’s website: