Christine Blevins

Christine Blevins, Academy Village

Wednesday, September 26, 2:30 – 3:30,

The Arizona Senior Academy Building

Most Americans with adequate medical care benefit from the wonders of modern pharmaceutical science. Many rely upon prescribed drugs to support their wellbeing, but how are those drugs invented? How are they tested? And how can we count on that process to be scientifically accurate and medically beneficial?

Christie Blevins has over 30 years’ professional experience in clinical trial research and drug development. She has monitored over 20 clinical trials in such varied fields as oncology, organ transplantation, migraine, and schizophrenia. She’s helped develop new drugs within the US, Latin America, and internationally, and serves currently as a consultant for a small company supporting biopharmaceutical companies in delivering clinical trials and drug development. She received both her BA in Physical (Biological) Anthropology and MPH in Community Health Education from the California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) California.

Christine will speak about the full drug development process, from initial research developed by scientists and medical investigators, through new technological developments and clinical trials, to the biotech companies that further develop and produce drugs for use with patients. The procedures she will describe include intensive FDA monitoring of the entire spectrum of the drug development process. Clinical trials, a critical component of that spectrum, will be featured in this presentation.   

Written by Sarah Dinham, Academy Village Volunteer


Sept. 26: “Drug Development and the FDA Regulations”