Two of Tucson’s most acclaimed performers bring their rich mix of musical flavors to Academy Village on Tuesday(June 26).

Guitarist Gabriel Ayala and Percussionist Will Clipman

 Duo Sonora (Gabriel Ayala & Will Clipman) has been described as, “a convergence of cultures and genres resulting in a sound much larger than the term duo suggests. Incorporating [Ayala’s] classical guitar flavored with Native American, tango, flamenco, and jazz influences, and [Clipman’s] pan-global palette of percussive rhythm and texture, Duo Sonora can truly be described as contemporary world music.”

 Duo Sonora’s popularity with Academy Village is replicated in audiences at venues throughout the United States and other countries. Ayala and Clipman are master musicians at the height of their creative powers.

 A member of the Yaqui people of Southern Arizona, Ayala is Native American Artist of the Year, and Clipman has been a Grammy nominee several times as well as receiving recognition as a poet, mask-maker and storyteller. Both dedicated arts educators, they have shared their mastery of their instruments at performances by special invitation at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix.

 Tuesday’s concert will be the most recent of a number of visits for these two artists, both together and with other musicians, to Academy Village. They especially enjoy taking advantage of the interactive possibilities of their concerts at the Village.

 Ayala says, “I love the informal, immediate experiences there,” that foster unique playlists created in response to audience reaction. They plan a program which will include, among a variety of other pieces, selections from Gabriel Ayala’s most recent CD, “Shades of Blue.”

 The Academy Village is off Old Spanish Trail six miles southeast of Saguaro National Park East. Due to the popularity of educational and cultural events at the academy and limited seating availability, non-members are advised to make advance reservations.

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Ayala + Clipman = World Music: June, 2012
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