Thursday, October 25th, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. Arizona Senior Academy Great Room

Frida Kahlo Selt Portrait

Chuck Tampio is well known at the Arizona Senior Academy for his fascinating treatments of art history.  He visits Academy Village once again with a new talk on portraiture.  His talk is titled, “Mirror, Mirror: 500 Years of Self Portraits.‘Mirror’ is a history of self-portraiture in Western art.  It covers the modern period, starting with Dürer and van Eyek, proceeding through Rembrandt, Van Gogh, etc. and  concluding with Frida Kahlo, Charles Close, and others. The audience may leave wondering if any of the great artists failed to do a self-portrait.

Chuck’s recent studies led him naturally to consider the well-populated but not official genre of self-portraits. After seeing his presentation you will understand why he believes it deserves a separate classification. In his talk we will learn about artists reasons for doing self-portraits, some of the techniques unique to the genre, why so many women artists were ignored, and public reception to the genre.

For those who have not enjoyed Chuck’s previous shows, a few notes about his background.  He comes from a large Italian family, took courses at the University of Florence, taught briefly at the University of Parma, and during studies at Syracuse University after his return from the Peace Corp took multiple courses from one of the great professors of Renaissance Art.  Chuck is a docent at TMA and an usher at the Tucson Opera, and he is a subscription theatre goer.  In Tucson he has been active outdoors with regular trail riding (with his own horses), and as a tour jeep driver for Trail Dust Adventure tours. Before coming to Tucson he was an executive in several NGO’s in Washington D.C. focused on civic education and environmental education.

Written by Academy Village Volunteer, Brack Brown

Oct. 25th: Mirror Mirror on the Wall: 500 Years of Self-Portraits