Nove Meyers

Nove Meyers

Monday, October 11, 2:30-3:30 pm,

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From homemade dollar bills to babies falling from the top of circus tents, from religious boot camps to a fight with God Himself, Running Away from the Circus is a coming-of-age memoir . . . from1960’s San Francisco. (from the book’s cover)

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Academy Village resident Nove Meyers is a fourth-generation member of a family of circus owners.  Rather than the circus, he followed another family tradition by going into the food concession business and eventually owned a sizeable contract food service in Seattle. Before that, however, Nove spent eight years studying for the priesthood and another twenty working for the Catholic Church. Recently retired, he is devoting his time to writing.

Nove and his wife Barbara divide their time between the Pacific Northwest and Academy Village.  Although he has been recognized for his earlier writing, this is his first book.  He has been a prizewinner at the San Francisco Writers’ Conference (2020) and received Honorable Mention at the Santa Barbara Writers’ Conference (2019).  He is currently working on a historical novel that ranges from the WWII San Francisco Bay Area to the Texas Hill Country of an earlier day to solve the dark mystery of a stolen legacy, in which the unlikely detective partners are a black man, grandson of a slave, and a decade-younger white woman, daughter of a circus owner.

For more information about Running Away from the Circus, please go to Nove’s website,  Following the reading, Nove will sign copies of his book, which will be available for purchase.

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Oct 11: Nove Meyers reads from his new book, Running Away from the Circus: Confessions of a Carnie Kid (Who Tried to Become a Priest)