Edward Schechner

Edward Schechner, MSW

Thursday, November 5, 2020,

2:30 – 3:30 p.m.,

Arizona Senior Academy Webinar*

In today’s convoluted healthcare system, where can we turn for sympathetic, knowledgeable advice on managing our own health? Who can help us understand what might come next during or after a confusing, possibly traumatic, perhaps debilitating experience? We as patients and their loved ones will gain much of what we need from physicians and nurses, but may also need to consult professionals not directly in the line of patient care for knowledge and understanding not apparent to us.

As part of the Academy Village series of sessions on “Managing Your Own Health,” we turn to social workers as vital but perhaps unfamiliar participants in health care.

Villager Edward Schechner, with a BS in Psychology (Brooklyn College, CUNY) and Master’s degree in Social Work from Hunter College (also CUNY) has had experience as a social worker in varied Arizona settings since 1975. Through his career Schechner has applied his social work talents in arenas from Child Protective Services to Adult Day Care, and from Home Health Care to Assisted Living. Today Schechner is Manager of AV Medical Services at the two Academy Village assisted living residences. 

Schechner will use a variety of settings and experiences to illustrate the many ways in which social work–and social workers–influence the wellbeing of clients and patients throughout the health care system. By tracing the variety of settings in which he has worked, he will illustrate the myriad roles in which social work contributes to patients.  These varied illustrations will ultimately focus upon the ways that seniors such as Academy Village residents in medical, rehabilitation, and other settings can gain from social workers’ expertise.

*To access the Zoom Webinar, please write info@arizonasenioracademy.org.

Written by Sarah Dinham, Academy Village volunteer

Nov. 5: “How Social Work Can Help in Navigating Health Systems”