Martin Levy

Martin Levy, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

Wednesday, May 5, 2021,

2:30-3:30 pm,

an ASA Zoom Webinar*

Blending an interest in art with expertise in psychology has led Martin Levy to explore the importance of creativity in aging.  Advances in brain science over the past decade have revealed that the way we use our minds can develop our brains, even as we age.  Just as we exercise our bodies, exercising our minds builds our brain. This talk will explore ways that our minds influence our bodies.  Dr. Levy will use findings from neuroscience to describe how creativity can grow new neural connections, thus improving memory and enhancing cognitive skills.  He will include strategies for creativity and brain development for everyone.  

Dr. Levy earned his PhD at Ohio University in 1968 and was a National Institutes of Mental Health Postdoctoral Fellow in Clinical Psychology and an Instructor in Psychiatry (Psychology) at the University of Rochester Medical Center from 1969 to 1971.  He was Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Chief Clinical Psychologist at UA College of Medicine from 1971, and opened his private practice in 1978.  

Dr. Levy co-founded the Southern Arizona Psychological Association (SAPA) and twice served as its president.   In 2020, he was awarded the Arizona Psychological Association’s highest honor, the Aaron and Matty Cantor Award for Lifetime Achievement in Psychology.  Always one to give back to his community, he established and endowed the “SAPA in the Community” committee for bringing psychology to the Southern Arizona community at large.

He and his wife, Barb, now live in a Tucson retirement community, Hacienda at the Canyon, that has a strong interest and focus on arts and creativity in aging.   At the age of 72, Dr. Levy found a talent and passion for art, particularly glass art, studying at the Sonoran Glass School. He has had his work in the Philabaum Glass Gallery and the Tucson Museum of Art store.

This Lecture is in a series presented by the Academy Services Corporation.

Written by Lucy Wilson, Academy Village Volunteer

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May 5: “Creativity and Aging:  You can teach an old brain new tricks: lessons from neuroscience”