Ethan Finch

Ethan Finch,

Next Generation Ranger,

Saguaro National Park

Wednesday, May 20, 2020,

2:30-3:30 pm,

a Zoom Webinar*

Note: The Arizona Senior Academy Building

is currently closed,

and all programs are being delivered

via the internet.

Most residents of Academy Village can actually see a National Park from their homes, and we regularly pass by its main entrance as we drive north and west into Tucson.  According to Ethan Finch, “there is an interesting story to tell of how the land has transformed from a small national monument,” signed into law by Herbert Hoover in 1933, “to a community hub for conservation and recreation,” declared a National Park in 1994. In recounting the story, Finch will focus on the Park’s “namesake species, the Saguaro, and its importance as a keystone species in the Sonoran Desert landscape.” Keystone species are irreplaceable organisms that the rest of the natural community depend on, without which the entire region would be essentially changed.

Ethan Finch graduates this spring from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resources, including two years’ research experience studying brush management and ecosystem services in desert rangelands.  While in school, he has worked in a number of county and state parks as well as the NPS. He is currently a member of the Next Generation Ranger Program, an opportunity for young people to get ranger-level experience in the highly competitive National Park Service system through a partnership formed between Saguaro National Park and their not-for-profit fundraising partner, Friends of Saguaro National Park.

Written by Academy Village volunteer, Suzanne Ferguson

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May 20: Saguaro National Park East—a History and an Ecology