Moderated by Marna Broekhoff,

Academy Village Volunteer

March 15, Monday,

2:30 to 4:00 pm,

an ASA Zoom Webinar*

Again this March the Arizona Senior Academy is hosting weekly foreign policy discussions from the series, “Great Decisions 2021” by the Foreign Policy Association. This is an annual event in which groups around the country study materials assembled by the non-partisan FPA and participate in discussions. 

As the United States recently went through another election season, the merits and drawbacks of globalization were again debated by the presidential candidates. With the passing of the Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s “America First” doctrine, protectionist policies have become more prevalent, challenging globalization. What is globalization and how will it be affected by protectionist trade policies? How will the United States and the world be affected by such policies? Is globalization really at an end, or just in need of a refresh?

The webinar will begin with a half-hour video about globalization from a political perspective. The moderator will summarize the FPA textbook chapter (by Anne O. Kruger of Johns Hopkins University) that focuses on economic globalization from a historical perspective, including “The Great Divergence,” “The Great Convergence,” and recent challenges. It will conclude by questioning what the moderator feels is the Kruger’s faulty premise about globalization that ignores the economic, socio-psychological and environmental challenges. 

Finally, we will ask ourselves if anything can be done to retain the advantages of globalization and mitigate the harms.

For further information on “Great Decisions 2021” please visit the Foreign Policy Association at Reading the various links on this website as well as the chapter in the Great Decisions 2021 booklet before the meeting will enliven the discussion and help achieve the Great Decisions goal of creating informed and active citizens. 

Presenter Marna Broekhoff is a retired English professor and an AV resident who has taught on every continent except the southernmost one.  

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Written by Marna Broekhoff, Academy Village Volunteer 

March 15: Great Decisions 2021—“The End of Globalization?”