Sarah Nisbett in Central Park (Photo Credit: Eian Kantor)

Sarah Nisbett,

Artist & Founder,

Drawn on the Way 

Fridays, March 12 and 19, 2021,

2:30-3:30 pm. 

The class will be via Zoom and limited to 10 participants per class. Participants must register at  

March 19 will repeat the content of March 12; participants should register for only one of the dates. (In the event of oversubscription, ASA members will get preference.)

Whether you’ve been drawing for years, or never even picked up a pencil, this observational drawing class will be a warm invitation to engage creatively with your world. Without pressure to make a masterpiece, just encouragement and guidance to enjoy the process, we’ll explore some fun exercises to translate the world around you into art using the accessible and easy technique of contour line drawing. 

Sarah will teach you how to create evocative and storyful images using the simplest tools of just a pen and sketchbook. Focusing on drawing as a form of storytelling, you’ll learn how to see the infinite stories that surround you and how to quickly and easily translate them into expressive illustrations drawn in-the-moment.  

The class will focus on:

  • Drawing as storytelling
  • Being bold – no erasers allowed! 
  • Following the fear (and the fun) of getting artsy 
  • Making our first drawing using Blind Contour Drawing (No looking at the page!)
  • Coming up with creative titles for our work
  • The Zen Art of Drawing From Life: Focusing on the process, not the final product 
“Rainy Day” by Sarah Nisbett

A former professional opera singer, Sarah Nisbett learned to draw by sketching strangers during her daily commute on the New York City Subway. A totally self-taught artist, she turned her hobby of drawing “on the way” into a successful Instagram account and blog, and now, a book!  Her Drawn On The Way project is dedicated to helping people find the extraordinary in the everyday and to see themselves and those around them as works of art. Through her expressive, minimal illustrations and paintings, Sarah is creating a movement of self- acceptance and awareness, showing people that when you make art about the world, you make the world yours.

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March 12 & 19: Special Event—“‘Drawn On The Way’ —An Introduction to Drawing as Storytelling”