Children play in Takaharu Tezuka's kindergarten.
Children play in Takaharu Tezuka’s kindergarten.

Four recent TED Talks, streamed over the Internet and presented on the “big screen” in the Great Room of the Arizona Senior Academy Building, are scheduled Thursday (June 25) beginning at 3:30 p.m.

TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, was founded in 1984 to disseminate “ideas worth spreading.” The four talks to be presented June 25 are:

“Are China and the U S. Doomed to Conflict?” by Kevin Rudd, the former prime minister of Australia. As a longtime student of China, Rudd asks whether the growing ambition of China will inevitably lead to conflict with other major powers — and suggests another narrative.

“The Best Kindergarten You’ve Ever Seen” by Architect Takaharu Tezuka. At this school in Tokyo, the world’s cutest kindergarten, 5-year-olds cause traffic jams and windows are for Santa to climb into. Tezuka walks viewers through a design process that really lets kids be kids.


Bamboo house designed by Elora Hardy
Bamboo house designed by Elora Hardy

“Magical Houses, Made of Bamboo,” by Elora Hardy, a sustainable designer. The stunning bamboo homes built by Hardy and her team in Bali twist, curve and surprise at every turn. In this beautiful, immersive talk, she shares the potential of bamboo, as both a sustainable resource and a spark for the imagination.

“Why do Ambitious Women Have Flat Heads?” by Dame Stephanie Shirley. Dame Shirley is the most successful tech entrepreneur you never heard of. In the 1960s, she founded a pioneering all-woman software company in the UK that was ultimately valued at $3 billion. In this frank and often hilarious talk, she explains how she upended the expectations of the time and shares some sure-fire ways to identify ambitious women.

Written by H. Deon Holt, Academy Village Volunteer


TED Talks: ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’: June2015
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