Dr. Murrieta enjoying a Rain Cocktail
Photo credit: Watershed Management Group

Joaquin Murrieta-Saldivar,

Cultural Ecologist/Watershed Management Group

Wednesday, June 23, 2021,  

2:30-3:30 pm,

An ASA Zoom Webinar*


Although rain is critically needed in the Sonoran Desert, summer monsoonal downpours can result in significant flooding without water infiltration.  One way to reduce flooding, recharge the aquifer, and beautify our homes is to harvest the rain.  Today we will learn that in the time it takes to enjoy a coffee or other beverage, you can Build Your Own Basin (BYOB) to plant the rain!

First, observe water movement during a rainstorm.  Where does water from the rooftop, street, or neighbor’s property flow on the landscape?  Does water pool in one or more areas following obvious paths?  Observations can identify the best basin location to take advantage of the natural water flow.  At least three days before digging, call AZ811 or submit a request online at Arizona811.com to locate utility lines.  Then dig the basin, create gentle slopes, and plan for overflow to direct water after the basin is full.  Next plant the basin bottom, sides and top with native species according to their water tolerance.  Add mulch to increase the sponge-like action of the basin, which allows plants to absorb the moisture and water to infiltrate the soil.

Joaquin Murrieta-Saldivar is originally from Mexico and now resides in Tucson, AZ.  Joaquin is a cultural ecologist at Watershed Management Group, conducting training programs to build rainwater harvesting infrastructure.  Joaquin focuses on implementing community-based approaches to watershed management, river restoration, geo-tourism, conservation and best practices for ranching communities.  Joaquin has consulted for National Geographic Society, has worked with the Sonoran Institute and the Environmental Defense Fund of Mexico, and currently serves on The Wilderness Land Trust Board.  Joaquin obtained a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy from the University of Sonora and completed a MSc in Natural Resources and Agricultural Economics and a PhD in Renewable Natural Resources Studies from the University of Arizona.

This talk is sponsored by the AV Sustainability Committee

Written by Denice Smith, Academy Village Volunteer

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June 23: “Rainwater Harvesting BYOB”