Kirsten Engel

Kirsten Engel, JD, Arizona State Senator District 10

CANCELED – Monday, June 21,2021


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As you may be aware, the Arizona Senate has been highly active in 2021, with several controversial bills passed. Senator Kirsten Engel will provide an insightful perspective as a Democratic member and a Professor of Environmental Law at UA.


Besides being an Environmental Law professor, Kirsten is a mother, educator, and attorney. She is currently serving her first term in the Arizona State Senate, having served two terms in the House representing Arizona’s Legislative District 10, spanning central and eastern Tucson.


As a state legislator, Kirsten has devoted herself to funding our public schools and universities, protecting our environment and building a clean energy economy, as well as criminal justice reform and affordable healthcare. As ranking member of the House and now the Senate Judiciary Committees, Kirsten has advocated in particular for drug treatment and diversion programs for low-level drug offenders, an end to mandatory minimum sentences and prison oversight and accountability.


Kirsten has led the state Democratic caucus on issues related to water, introducing numerous bills to safeguard our most precious natural resource and serving on the planning workgroup for the Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan.


Her work for public education has included workforce development through career and technical education programs, funding of community colleges, insuring affordable college tuition.


Kirsten is married to Scott Saleska, a climate scientist at the University of Arizona.  Kirsten and Scott’s daughter Helene currently attends a Tucson public high school.


Prior to moving to Tucson in 2005 to join the faculty of the University of Arizona College of Law, Kirsten held positions at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Massachusetts Office of Attorney General and Tulane Law School.

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