Nick McBlain & Log Train members (from left) Alvin Blaine, Peter McLaughlin, and Nick Coventry

A running theme at the Arizona Senior Academy these days seems to be “familiar faces in new combinations.” The latest such combination, new to the Academy but not new to the Tucson music scene, is the band known as Nick McBlaine & Log Train, which will perform at the Academy on Tuesday (July 3) at 11:30 a.m.

If you’ve enjoyed the amazing talents of The Sonoran Dogs bluegrass band and the Tucsonics western swing band, you’ll find that Nick McBlaine & Log Train takes its name from three of its members already familiar to you: Nick Coventry (violinist/fiddler extraordinaire), Peter McLaughlin (flatpicking champion guitarist) and Alvin Blaine (note-bending pedal steel/dobro player).

The Log Train often includes Evan Dain, the equally talented upright bass player, as well as other local players who sometimes join the band’s monthly gigs at Monterey Court in Tucson. You can find them at that venue on the first Wednesday of each month.

The group likes to play “whatever song or style that comes to mind” from their vast repertoire of old time Americana, folk, country, blues, bluegrass, swing, and original tunes as well as tributes to well-known musician’s birthdays or death date anniversaries. For example, Linda Ronstadt’s birthday is in July, so they may well play songs she made famous.

Sorting out familiar bandmates in terms of past ASA appearances, we’ve gotten to know McLaughlin via The Sonoran Dogs, and Coventry and Blaine via the Tucsonics. Coventry and Dain most recently appeared at the Academy with Hot Club of Tucson in late May. Get ready for an excellent ride on the Log Train as you enjoy the combined forces of these seasoned musicians.

Written by Leslie Nitzberg, Academy Village Volunteer


Group Plays Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Swing:July 2018
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