Marilyn Skinner

Marilyn B. Skinner, Ph.D., University of Arizona

Thursday, July 11, 2019, 2:30-3:30 p.m., The Arizona Senior Academy Building

Ever tried to imagine what life might have been like in the times we now call “Antiquity?” And what about ordinary people—not the heroes, the ones with statues—but those leading conventional day-to-day lives?  Marilyn Skinner, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Classics at the University of Arizona—and a new Academy Village resident—has made a career of studying ordinary lives in ancient times 

Through her career Skinner has focused on findings about the under-represented groups of ancient times such as slaves and women. In her talk Skinner will trace what is known of three different groups of women at the time of Pompeii’s destruction: a real estate owner, women working in a tavern, and women in a 10-cubicle brothel. She will describe not only those findings but the methods used by Classics scholars to arrive at their conclusions.

Marilyn Skinner earned her undergraduate degree in English at Seattle University, and a Master’s in Latin at the University of California at Berkeley. She earned her Ph.D. from Stanford University in Classics. Since 1991 she was a member of the University of Arizona Department of Religious Studies and Classics. Besides her varied teaching responsibilities and service as Director of Graduate Studies, she published numerous studies of Roman literature and culture in the Republican and Augustan eras. Her key research specialization was—and continues to be–ancient gender and sexuality.

Written by Sarah Dinham, Academy Village Volunteer


July 11: “Pompeii Confidential: Gender, Sex, and Society in a Roman Community”