Rodo Sofranac

Rodo Sofranac,

Teacher, Translator, Community Organizer

Monday, January 11, 2021,

2:30 to 3:30 pm,

an ASA Zoom Webinar*

While the politics of immigration, refugee resettlement, and citizenship are noisier than ever, and the policies are mired, what happens to the people? This talk focuses on personal stories of immigration. After the 20+-minute video presentation, participants will have the opportunity to discuss and share their experiences as new settlers and/or local greeters. What’s it like going to a place where you don’t know the language or culture? Where you don’t have any family or friends? Where you don’t know what you’re eating or where you’re sleeping? Where you have almost no money in your pocket?   Could you do it? Did you do it? How is it going for you? This session focuses on the personal stories vs. political, legal, or regulatory issues. The speaker’s goal is for participants to play a part rather than passively listen, considering some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Rodo spent his early years in a tiny village called Rijeka Crnojevića, Montenegro—former Yugoslavia. His family fled to Austria and later immigrated to the United States. He speaks, reads, and writes Serbo-Croatian and German as well as English. As a teacher, translator, mentor, and community organizer, Rodo has worked with people of all ages—from birth to over 100—in numerous settings, including over 30 years at the university level. Rodo‘s award-winning work encompasses varied forms of storytelling, including eight children’s books.

Rodo has developed courses in ethics, diversity and inclusion, leadership, and critical thinking for universities, business, nonprofits, and other organizations. As a private sector volunteer, Rodo has been involved in policy research and formation in the area of workforce development. He has worked closely with the National Governors’ Association, Departments of Labor and Education, members of Congress, public and private economic development organizations, and numerous workforce development and education agencies from the local to the international levels. For eight years Rodo was the program director for AZ LeaderForce.

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Written by Marna Broekhoff, Academy Village Volunteer 

Jan 11: “Coming Home to a Place You’ve Never Been Before: Immigration, Refugee Resettlement, & Citizenship”