“Alexander Tentser Plays Mozart & Schubert” – posted 7/14/20

Alexander Tenser

Alexander Tentser returns with a solo piano recital and sends the following message:

Dear Arizona Senior Academy audience – My new program includes early sonatas by Mozart and Schubert. Mozart’s Sonata in Bb Major features virtuosic displays, a lyrical aria-like slow movement, and a concerto grosso-like finale full of humor and inventiveness comparable to Mozart’s writing for opera. Schubert’s Sonata in Eb Major shows his absorption of the Viennese classical tradition of Haydn and Mozart, but also shows the influence of Beethoven’s explorations beyond the traditional classical approach. As a composer of many songs, Schubert creates song-like melodies that vary from lyrically simple to profound and introspective, to virtuosic and dramatic. I hope these two pieces bring you joy and a smile.  –Alex 

Click link to view concert:  https://youtu.be/NG0PW9Nzlgo

“Tucson Guitar Quartet” — posted 6/24/20

Tucson Guitar Quartet

The Tucson Guitar Quartet – University of Arizona faculty artist Jose Luis Puerta and fellow classical guitarist colleagues Michael Nigro, George Ramirez and Alfredo Vasquez – have created a “mash-up” video of sequestered and pre-Covid-19 solos, duets and quartets, featuring selections from their new CD “Latin American Soundscapes.”

Click link to view concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_s_AutqUC5U&feature=youtu.be




“Alexander Tentser & Anna Gendler Concert” – posted 6/16/20  

In celebration of Beethoven’s 250th birth year, pianist Alexander Tentser and violinist Anna Gendler perform the composer’s monumental “Kreutzer Sonata” – his longest and most demanding work for violin and piano. Also on the program are two Impromptus for piano by Schubert. Alex and Anna send the following message:

Dear Arizona Senior Academy audience – We miss you, you became an important part of our professional life here in Tucson. It has been a very unusual time for everyone, but we wanted to use the time to learn new programs and make new connections through the technology available now. Fortunately, the internet provides lots of opportunities for musicians and we are really grateful to Arizona Senior Academy for sponsoring our concert. Please be well and we hope to see you soon.  — Alex and Anna

Click link to view concert:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkDFV5HAYSo

 “Tucsonics Western Swing Band”– posted 6/5/20

The Tucsonics

The Tucsonics are a group of seasoned Tucson musicians whose monthly gig at Monterey Court, interrupted by Covid-19, usually brings them together to play traditional Texas swing, West Coast swing and jazz. All six members – Nick Coventry (fiddle), Lex Browning (fiddle, guitar), Matt Mitchell (guitar), Alvin Blaine (pedal steel, accordian), Evan Dain (upright bass) and Fred Hayes (drums) – converged on Lex’s scenic back patio to create this special ASA concert.

Click link to view concert: https://youtu.be/61uVFOv1X1g


“Canyon Currents”– posted 5/29/2020

Canyon Currents

Award-winning seasoned singer-songwriters/instrumentalists, with Lex Browning (guitar, violin), Peter McLaughlin (guitar), and Brian Davies (upright bass), performing original and cover Americana, folk and bluegrass-based songs and instrumentals. The trio’s name comes from themes of Southwest history, rivers and canyons, and stories of Americana, and their performance reaches out to your heart in these times of Covid-19 sequestering.

Click link to view concert:  https://youtu.be/3W0qWPqf7J4



“Diane & Lisa:  Early Jazz & Blues” – posted 5/19/2020

Lisa Otey (left) and Diane Van Deurzen

Diane Van Deurzen & Lisa Otey explore early Jazz & Blues from the 1920s-1940s, including songs by and stories about George & Ira Gershwin, Bessie Smith, Ida Cox, Cole Porter, Billie Holiday, Harold Arlen, and Julia Lee.   https://youtu.be/t2HR7fLPWJs 






“Nancy & Danny Live At-Home!” – posted 5/5/2020

Nancy McCallion & Danny Krieger

Singer-songwriters/guitarists Nancy McCallion & Danny Krieger perform songs by Nancy and Danny, Americana and Irish tunes.   https://youtu.be/P0FAWtalhiM