Main migration routes from Africa to Europe
Main migration routes from Africa to Europe

The Arizona Senior Academy is participating in the Great Decisions program sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA). A different topic is featured each week from February 4 through March 25.

The fourth Great Decisions group meeting will start at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday (Feb. 25), when the topic will be “International Migration.” Academy Village resident Frederick Reinagel will be the discussion leader.

After watching a short (26-minute) video, the audience will hear a summary of the written material provided by the FPA.  Reinagel will challenge the audience with questions such as “Should the burden of protecting and caring for refugees be equitably shared among countries?” or “Is international migration manageable per se, or are solutions to underlying issues—socioeconomics, climate change and conflict—a precondition for a sustainable resolution?”

The weekly format is an introduction to the topic by a volunteer discussion leader, followed by a short video and a group discussion. The FPA provides a briefing book, which contains background information about the current issues together with suggested discussion questions, and a list of further readings. People who have not already purchased the 2016 briefing book through ASA may still do so on line at

Written by Marcia Reinagel, Academy Village Volunteer

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Is International Migration Manageable?: February 2016