Aimee Graves

Aimee Graves,

Regional Director of

“Outlaw Dirty Money 2020”

Thursday, December 5, 2019,

2:30-3:30 p.m.,

The Arizona Senior Academy Building

“Dirty money,” also known as “dark money,” refers to anonymous political donations allowed under the so-called Citizens United ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court in 2010.  These are funds, sometimes very large funds, used to support or oppose political initiatives and candidates.  Neither the source of these funds nor the amount donated is required to be disclosed.

Supporters applaud the ruling as a landmark victory for free speech that creates new avenues for political outsiders to run competitive campaigns without the support of party leaders. Critics, such as the Arizona ballot initiative known as the “Outlaw Dirty Money” campaign, claim the decision increases the political power of corporations and the wealthy on both sides of the political fence, at the expense of average citizens, who can’t tell where the money for political ads is coming from.

Aimee Graves is the regional director for “Outlaw Dirty Money 2020” in southern Arizona. She is actively engaged in the effort to amend the Arizona state constitution by requiring all organizations that spend more than $20,000 statewide or $10,000 in local races to identify any donations over $5,000 from a single donor. Graves plans strategies and conducts community outreach, mobilizing volunteers across southern Arizona and educating the public about the initiative, as well as coordinating efforts to gather petition signatures in support of the initiative: in 2020 it will require over 357,000 signatures to get the initiative on the ballot.

Ms. Graves will explain who is engaging in dark money tactics and what effect these organizations have on Arizonans. She will also report the details of the amendment, “Outlaw Dirty Money,” and how and why you should become engaged in this non-partisan effort.

Aimee Graves has 27 years experience in health and human services and more than 15 years in executive management. She holds BA degrees in Communications and Spanish from the University of Georgia and a Master’s degree in International Administration from the School of International Training in Brattleboro, VT.

Dec. 5: “Outlaw Dirty Money”