Karyn Garvin

Karyn Garvin, Owner, Garvin’s Divine Dog Training

Wednesday, December 15, 2021,

2:30-3:30 pm,

an ASA Zoom Webinar*

Recent deliberations of the Academy Village Pet Policy Committee have focused strongly on issues of dog management, a fraught topic in many communities besides our own. While our dogs contribute to the well-being of many of our residents, and even many who don’t own dogs enjoy their lively presence, trying to integrate them into community life presents problems with dog and owner “training” that must be resolved for the benefit of all.

Karyn Garvin was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1953.  Her father, who worked for Firestone Tires at that time, accepted a 3-year transfer to Mumbai, India (then known as Bombay) when Karyn was just nine years old. While in India, she remembers looking up to the heavens one day and dedicating the rest of her life to making a “Thy Will Be Done” difference, wherever and whenever she could. It was a promise!

She began her career as a dog trainer in 1978, when the field was mostly viewed as a hobby.  Karyn recalls her parents’ dismay as they asked, “Are you sure you don’t want to be a veterinarian?” Over the years, she developed her new paradigm for dog training: “The Integrated Approach to Managing Dog Behavior.”  She grew a considerable entrepreneurial enterprise with a “toolkit” of training equipment and programs dealing with such common issues as poor on-leash behavior; inappropriate levels of aggression; housebreaking/chewing/barking/fence jumping; and separation anxiety and containment phobia. (See her website at www.KarynGarvin.com.)

Karyn has now downsized to focus on her core calling, leaving the world a better place for dogs and their people. Living on the outskirts of Tucson with her three dogs: Pepper, B.B., and Ryan, she now shares what she’s learned by working as a speaker and dog behavior specialist, thus fulfilling her dream and commitment from so long ago.

Preview compiled and edited by Suzanne Ferguson, Academy Village Volunteer

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Dec 15: “The Integrated Approach to Managing Dog Behavior”