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Bernd Brand,

Academy Village Resident

Monday,  2:30-3:30 pm,

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War Chief Juh of the southern Chiricahua Apaches (1825-1883) was not a “flash-by” Hollywood-promoted individual, but a true war chief recognized by his local group and band. In 1973 a short 42-page biography, JUH, An Incredible Indian, was published by historian Dan L. Thrapp (the author of The Encyclopedia of Frontier History and many other titles in Southwest history); upon reading it, I was strongly intrigued by this particular and almost unknown individual.

Thrapp concluded his Foreword with the sentence, “It is to be hoped that a still more complete account of his life may someday appear.”  With his statement echoing in my mind, I started searching for information about Juh, hoping to be able to finish that “more complete account” of this fascinating person. The main difficulty of the research is that most documents originate in the northern Mexican states of Chihuahua and Sonora – the tribal grounds of this Nednhi (alternate spelling) Apache group. Moreover, documentation there is still not too well-organized or readily accessible. 

My background is not history but economics and business. While growing up in Germany, I earned an MS in Economics (Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität, Frankfurt) and, as an exchange student in the USA, completed an MBA and a MIM (Master of International Management), at the Thunderbird American Graduate School of Global Management, now part of ASU. After an enjoyable 34-year career in international business, working in over 124 countries, I turned my mind to history of the American South-West and, in particular, the Padre Kino era. That is where I began reading about the Apache war chief, Juh.

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Written by Bernd Brand, Academy Village Volunteer

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