Norm Scott
Tom Travis, credit: Virginia Richardson

Tom Travis, President of ASA, and Norm Scott, Chair of the AV Sustainability Committee

Wednesday, December 1, 2021, 2:30 pm- 4:00 pm,

a presentation for ASA Membership in the Great Room of the ASA Building and also via Zoom Webinar.

(Note longer time slot to accommodate discussion.)




Over the history of the Academy Village, sustainability, its meaning and implications, has been an important subject of discussion both within the Sustainability Committee and The Village as a whole.

During the deliberations of the current Academy Village Strategic Planning Group, its chair, Tom Travis, in consultation with Norm Scott, long-time chair of the Sustainability Committee, developed a document to stimulate an exploration of alternative scenarios for sustainability in the Village. The report shares its title with today’s topic: “Sustainability in the Village: Exploration of Alternatives,” and it posits three sustainability scenarios for the Village.  They range from “business as usual” to an aggressive scenario where initiatives and investments would distinguish Academy Village from other communities by adoption of a much ‘higher level of sustainable practices and systems’, whereas the t

hird is viewed as “program development” and would be somewhere between the first and third scenarios. Tom and Norm will introduce the report and lead an open discussion of its contents, followed by discussion in small breakout

groups to get reactions from residents.

Tom Travis is the current President of the Arizona Senior Academy and Former Administrator of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency. He has also been Commanding Officer of the USS New York City (SSN 696); Commander of Submarine Squadron 11, and Deputy Commander USS Theodore Roosevelt (CGN 71) Battle Group. Tom and his wife Laura reside in Academy Village.

Norm Scott spoke most recently at the ASA November 15. Norm conducted bioengineering research and teaching at Cornell for over 20 years prior to spending another 20 years as an administrator there, specializing in sustainable development and sustainable communities, with emphasis on biologically derived fuels and renewable energy.  Norm and Sharon Scott are long-time “snowbirds” at Academy Village.

Compiled by Suzanne Ferguson, Academy Village Volunteer

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Dec 1: “Sustainability in the Village: Exploration of Alternatives”