Aryo Wicaksono

Growing up in Indonesia, Aryo Wicaksono discovered he had perfect pitch and a love of Western classical music, but few opportunities to learn or even listen to the compositions, particularly piano works, that he yearned to master.

“I felt disappointed in my early years to face an attitude where it seems classical music is something that has to be ‘special, elite and only for a few’ and not everyone can learn it,” he told an interviewer in Jakarta. “This act of snobbishness will kill positive growth and the image of classical music to the general public.”

Ever since Wicaksono had a chance to come to America and study music at the University of Arizona, his career has taken off and he has worked to expose classical music to a wider audience. He’ll show his skills in an 11:30 a.m. piano recital at the Arizona Senior Academy on Tuesday (April 25).

His performance will include works by J.S. Bach, Scarlatti, Rachmaninov, Borzoni, Wagner, and List.

Hailed by the San Francisco Examiner after his recital debut as a “virtuoso talent, offering an excellent combination of solid technique and sensitive expressiveness,” pianist Wicaksono has performed as a featured soloist and chamber musician in venues and festivals throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe.

An active community advocate, he served as a board member of the Indonesian Diaspora Tri-State Chapter and on the board of the Art of Giving Back organization.

A graduate of the University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music, he recently received the 2016-2017 Honors Excellence in the Arts Award from the UA Honors College. He is currently the Membership Manager for Chamber Music America, the national network for small ensemble music professionals.

Written by Mike Maharry, Academy Village Volunteer


Pianist Strives to Dispel Classical ‘Snobishness’:April2017
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