(L to R) Jack Wood, Sheryl Ann McKinley, Sly Slipetsky

Tuesday, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
The Arizona Senior Academy Building

Jazz, blues, the American Songbook and pop tunes are on tap when “Sly Man and Sheryl Ann” return to the Arizona Senior Academy along with bassist Jack Wood. They will treat us to songs from their new CD “Sheryl Ann Starlight Invitation,” which was just released last week.

“Sly Man” is no other than piano maestro Daniel “Sly” Slipetsky, who began playing jazz and learning to improvise during his high school years. He further honed his skills on both piano and tuba at three universities in Delaware and Arizona. Here in Tucson, he regularly performs in a variety of jazz settings.  Teaming up with Sheryl Ann, he has also explored musical styles outside of jazz, and occasionally dabbles in singing as well.

Sheryl Ann McKinley describes her relationship to music and singing in her early years as a hidden gift that she feared to share with others, instead only allowing her voice to come out fully when no one was around. Fortunately, in the past decade, she unexpectedly encountered a wonderful voice teacher who encouraged and guided her to develop her vocal gifts, so that performing is now her passion, especially as part of “Sly Man and Sheryl Ann.” Her motto is “Music = Life!”

Bassist Jack Wood has managed to pursue his musical career alongside one as a software engineer. Both careers have taken him to San Francisco, Anchorage and Denver as well as Tucson. Fortunately for the Tucson music scene, Wood performed with many great local and national jazz artists while pursuing a degree in computer science at the University of Arizona in the 1980’s, and has been in demand as a bassist since returning to Tucson in 2005.

Written by Leslie Nitzberg, Academy Village volunteer

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