Mariana_Carreras_cropColor is one of the richest and most complex elements in design.  It has the power to draw a strong emotional response, yet we are often unaware of how our body and brain connect and react to color.

In her lecture, Secrets of Color, Mariana Carreras will present an overview of the history and properties of this multidimensional element as well as take a closer look at the physiological, psychological, thermal and optical effects color offers.

The lecture will be held in the Great Room of the Arizona Senior Academy next Thursday (April 11) from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Carreras is department chair of the Visual Arts and Art History Faculty in the Arts and Humanities Department at Pima Community College.  In the last 14 years, Carreras has been an active member of the art community in Tucson.  She has been a guest lecturer at the Tucson Museum of Art and for the University of Arizona docent team.

Carreras received a BFA and MFA degree from The George Washington University.  She has been a faculty member at Pima Community College since 1999 and received the Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award in 2012.

Recently, Carreras was nominated as Best Art Educator in the State of Arizona at the Arizona Governors Award Ceremony and also nominated by the Pima Arts Council for a Lumie Award for Best Art Educator in Tucson.   Her Lumie nomination read, “For her, teaching is an opportunity to paint on the canvas of each student’s soul, a profound love and privilege.”

Submitted by Priscilla Moore, Academy Village Volunteer

Secrets of Color: April 2013
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