Nancy Fitzgerald and Neil

Nancy Fitzgerald,

poet and retired professor of creative writing,

College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, MN

Wednesday, April 28,2021,

2:30 -3:30 pm,

an ASA Zoom Webinar*


“Poets’ words remind us that suffering is not our only birthright.  Life is also our birthright – life and love and beauty,” writes New York Times opinion editor Margaret Renkl.  But what is meant by “poets’ words,” and why are they special? How do we come to appreciate and not just ignore or skim them? How do words used in poetry differ from those same words in prose?  Why should it always be necessary to reread the words of a poem?  How can we even tell it’s a poem if it doesn’t rhyme?

April is National Poetry Month. Nancy Fitzgerald, the poetry editor of the weekly Village News, will discuss several of the poems she has recently chosen for publication in the newsletter, looking carefully at verbal elements—such as imagery, diction, manipulation of lines, and metaphor—in relation to content.  She agrees with Margaret Renkl—and all lovers of poetry—that poems can help readers make meaning of pain and suffering as well as capture loveliness we may have missed in our everyday lives.

There are many poets living here at Academy Village.  Many of us look forward to gathering once again in the fall. Yes! In the meantime, here is a peek into some poets’ magical and sometimes mysterious use of language.

Introduction by Nancy Fitzgerald, Academy Village Volunteer

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Apr 28: “Thank God for the Poets”