Academy Village Group Painting, Community Center

Academy Village Artists

Thursday, April 18, 2:30-4:30 p.m., The Arizona Senior Academy Building

The Academy Village is home to many people who exercise their creativity through art. Some do it by taking one or more of the art classes offered by the Arizona Senior Academy. Some participate in group art projects for display in and around the Community Center. Others work on private projects in their homes.

On Thursday afternoon, April 18, the Academy will provide a glimpse of some of this creativity when a number of the resident artists will describe their work through illustrated talks and/or displays of artifacts. The program is intended to introduce the work of a few of the resident artists to the local community. Other artists will have an opportunity to do the same in a future program.

Written by Marcia Neugebauer, volunteer

ASA Vice President for Programs


Apr. 18: “Art in The Academy Village”