“Humberto Borboa – Songs of Latin America” – posted 11/13/20

Tenor Humberto Borboa and pianist Elena Miraztchiyska present a travelogue in song by composers from Argentina, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Mexico in this new ASA-sponsored video-concert. Mexicali, Baja California native Humberto Borboa has returned to Tucson after stints as Apprentice Artist for Tulsa Opera, Central City Opera and San Diego Opera, as well as performing as soloist across the U.S., Mexico and internationally. Award-winning Bulgarian-born pianist Elena Miraztchiyska, well-known as an active collaborative pianist in Tucson, joins Humberto to present this Latin American program. In lieu of full translations for the songs, here is an annotated program:

1–Por una cabeza (“By a head”) – Carlos Gardel, Argentina

    Lovestruck at first sight with the intensity of a pureblood race colt, I am doomed to burn in a blazing flame as I am spurned.

2–Volver (“Return”) – Carlos Gardel, Argentina

     A bittersweet remembrance of first love upon returning after many years to the place where twinkling eyes once beckoned.      

3–El dia que me quieras (“The day when you will love me”) – Carlos Gardel, Argentina

     The flowers and stars will brighten, the birds and bells will sing of our love. All will be in harmony, no more pain.

4–La rosa y el sauce (“The rose and the willow tree”) – Carlos Guastavino, Argentina

     The willow tree laments the loss of the embracing rose which was stolen away by a coquettish girl.

5–Por unos ojos (“To some pair of eyes”) – Rocio Sanza, Costa Rica

     The sun isn’t shining in its splendor since the evening is sleeping. The evening is sleeping in your eyes.

6–Vuelo supremo (“Supreme flight”) – Felix Mata, Costa Rica

     I wish to fly freely like a seabird, beyond skies and oceans, to run away from anything human, and get drunk with blue colors. And when my heart is tired, to die atop a rock, ready for the flight.

7–Besos en mis sueños (“Kisses in my dreams”) – Augusto Brandt, Venezuela

     Dreams of longing for passionate kisses that will never return, never again will our hearts beat in palpitations of love.

Intermezzo for piano – Manuel Ponce, Mexico

8–Estrellita (“Little star”) – Manuel Ponce, Mexico

     A “living nostalgia,” wishing on a little star – does she love me? You know my pain and sorrows, without her I cannot live.

9–Maria bonita (“Pretty Maria”) – Augustin Lara, Mexico

     A plea to make up after an argument – remember how much we have loved each other, no other loves have been as sincere and pure as mine for you!

10–Piensa en mi (“Think of me”) – Augustin Lara, Mexico

     When you feel like crying, think of me because I adore you. I do not care to live if I don’t have you.

11–Besos robados (“Stolen kisses”) – Jorge del Moral, Mexico

     Stolen kisses taste the best – you have set my heart on fire, a fire of love.

Encore:  Granada – Augustin Lara, Mexico